Why Didn’t Anyone Ask How My Grandparents Met?

Why Didn’t Anyone Ask How My Grandparents Met?

[Fearless Females, Prompts for Women’s History Month, March 5th:  How did they meet?]

My Grandma Lassalle was born in San Francisco, spent a brief part of her childhood in Modesto, and spent most of her pre-marriage years in Oakland, California.  Her parents owned a laundry business, where Grandma also worked.

My Grandpa Lassalle was born in Ogeu les bains, France.  He came to the US in 1907 and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He worked in a winery, a bakery, and at whatever jobs he could to start his new life.

I have a photograph of my Grandma as a young teen at some French community dinner.  I have photographs of my Grandpa on picnics with the French community of Oakland.  All dressed up in their Sunday best.

Given the fact that both my Grandparents lived long healthy lives, you would think that their children or grandchildren would have asked the most basic question…how did you meet?  It doesn’t seem that anyone has that answer!

I haven’t seen any early photographs of my Grandparents together before marriage.  I can only assume that they met at one of these functions that the French community gathered for.  Or maybe my Grandpa saw my hard working Grandma at the laundry one day assisting her parents.

We have rich tales of Grandma and Grandpa together.  Yet, we have no idea just how they met.  It’s kind of sad that no one bothered to ask.

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