We’re all short!

We’re all short!

[Fearless Females-Women’s History Month, March 24–Shared characteristics]

No doubt about it. We’re all short. My whole family takes after takes after my Grandma Lassalle, my Dad’s Mom. She was a small woman, only about 4 ft 9 inches tall. Grandpa wasn’t much taller, maybe 5 ft 3 inches.

My Grandma was a very youthful adult. She had a young face. When combined with her short stature, people mistook her for a child. My Grandpa joked often about when they first got married and he would take Grandma places. He always got her in for the child ticket price wherever they went.

I take after my Grandma in this way. When I was a teenager, people often thought I was 8 or 9 years old. In my 20s, I was handed the children’s menu at restaurants on a regular basis. There have been a few occasions where I have been mistaken as one of my sibling’s children. It hasn’t been until my 40s and my greying hair that people take a double take and think before they speak.

So, I’ve got Grandma Lassalle to thank for constantly having to tell people that I am, in fact, over 40 😉 It does have it’s benefits. You can really throw people off guard when the under estimate your abilities based on your height.

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One thought on “We’re all short!

  1. My mother the last female of the big bunch was short too. I always attributed that to her being a twin. I was a bit short too, but not as much as she. However, I think the Men of the Meyer family tend to be tall just as my children are. I guess in Germany, that was a good thing, it got you into the special army, then again, maybe it wasn’t a good thing. But the genes stuff our jeans and were stuck with it.
    Nice post.

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