Thirty-one Individual Summaries About Thirty-one Women Relatives

Thirty-one Individual Summaries About Thirty-one Women Relatives

I’ve decided to give myself a challenge for Women’s History Month.  I’m going to post thirty-one individual summaries from my RootsMagic about thirty-one women relatives.  I’ll be adding the links to those summaries to this post.  Refer back to often!

Do you use the Individual Summary report that comes with your genealogy software?   They can be a helpful tool when assessing what you know about a certain relative.  I print these out when I want to work on a specific person, see what gaps I might have in their story, and determine which sources to search for next.

The Individual Summary report shows your information in a slightly different way than a family group sheet or timeline.  Each has it’s place in genealogy.  Sometimes when we look at different reports, we can build a better picture about our relatives.

If you haven’t tried the Individual Summary report that your software supplies, give it a try.  You might find you like the format for analyzing data.

These are the 31 women I am highlighting from my database.   I didn’t really use any methodology for those I’ve chosen, though I did pick some who may have been forgotten.

Day 1:  Viola (Jackson) Winter

Day 2:  Catherine (McSwegan) Baddley

Day 3:  Amelia (Pacheco) Kanehe

Day 4:  Placida (Argues) LaClaustra

Day 5:  Minnie (Ventura) Smith

Day 6:  Marie (Condrey) Jacquemet

Day 7:  Margaret (Caetano) Mello

Day 8:  Bridget (Coyne) Wall

Day 9:  Dorothea (Furtado) Pacheco

Day 10:  Josephine (Jones) Pohley

Day 11:  Genevieve (Lassere) Segalas

Day 12: Isabella (Pacheco) Ventura

Day 13:  Winifred (Kelly) Small

Day 14:  Emma (Cabral) Barboza

Day 15:  Sophie (Pacheco) Figg

Day 16:  Catharine (Kelly) McSwegan

Day 17:  Maria Candida de Jesus Ferreira Grota

Day 18: Guilhermina (Clemente) Ventura

Day 19:  Francisca (Mello) Pacheco

Day 20: Mary (Kelly) Meincke

Day 21: Marthe Magdeleine (Labourdette) Segalas

Day 22:  Branca Gil de Miranda

Day 23:  Margaret (Coffin) Jones

Day 24:  Joaquina Roza (Raposo) Jacinto da Camara

Day 25:  Barbara (da Silva) de Mello

Day 26:  Carolina (Freitas) Pacheco

Day 27:  Alice Jones

Day 28:  Alexandrinha (Jose) Pacheco

Day 29:  Maria (Silva Baptista) Correia

Day 30:  Maria (Sousa Sampaio) Barbosa da Silva

Day 31:  Mary Collis

This completes the collection of women from my family tree.  Looking at these individual summaries, I learned that I know a lot about some women and very little about the majority.  In some cases, I hope to be able to fill in more of their stories.  But, I am somewhat skeptical that I can do it for most.

I hope you enjoyed the last 31 posts.  I hope it has inspired you to use your genealogy software and find out which reports may be helpful to you.





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