Six Word Memoirs

Six Word Memoirs

[Fearless Females, Prompts for Women’s History Month, March 15th–Write a sex-word memoir tribute to one of your female ancestors.

Did you know that I have already written a six-word memoir?  It was published in the book “Not Quite What I was Planning”–a book filled with six word memoirs.

Today’s task is to write a six word memoir about a female ancestors.  It isn’t easy to sum up a person’s life in six words.  I decided to try a couple of ancestors.

Ana Jacinta (de Melo) Pacheco

70 years left only a tombstone.

Maria Espirito Santo (de Braga) Pacheco Smith

Fled from Hawaii survived many losses.

Margaret Mary (Jones) Jackson

Was the strength of the family.

Margaret (Kelly) Jones

Died too young after giving birth.

Anna (Jackson) Shellabarger

Proved them wrong, told them so.

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