Six-Word Memoirs of the Women in My Tree

Six-Word Memoirs of the Women in My Tree

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Fearless Females #15…Six Word Memoirs About My Female Ancestors.

Not to be confused with sex word memoirs :D.  Those would be memoirs of a whole different sort.  Six Word Memoirs sum up a person’s life in six words.  I had one published in “Not Quite What I Was Planning” in 2008.  I can’t find my entry in the book, but it was something like “Spent life searching for dead people.”

It’s not easy to sum up one’s life in six words.  But, I’m going to give it a try.

My Grandma Shellabarger:  Survived adversities, persevered, opinionated until 92.

My Grandma Lassalle:  A pillar of quiet, consistent strength.

My Great Grandmother Maria (de Braga) Pacheco Smith:  Lost husband and two children, survived.

My Great Great Aunt, Marie (Pacheco) Cosma:  Midwive, seamstress, doctor, and  everyone’s grandma.

My Great Aunt Julie: Recovered alcoholic and inspiration to many.

My Aunt Julie:  Kind hearted soul, died too young.

My Great Aunt Margaret (Jones) Jackson:  Family rock, the gift of laughter

My Great Great Grandmother, Ana Jacinta (de Mello) Pacheco:  Widowed immigrant, left almost no trace


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