Mary Collis Individual Summary

Mary Collis Individual Summary

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I saved one of the most mysterious people in my tree for last.  I would not have known about Mary Collis except for Patrick Dolan’s disputed Probate case.

Mary’s claim to fame is that she was the only descendant of one of Patrick’s siblings who did not get any money from the estate.  Why, you ask?  Mary was found to be the illegitimate child of Patrick’s sister, Bridget Dolan.

I have yet to find any records of Mary’s existence except for the probate records.  I haven’t found her with her mother or without her.  I don’t know her father’s name.  I do not know who she married or when she died.

My lack of ability to root out any part of Mary’s story makes me wonder if the probate file has the wrong surname.  Could her married name really be Collins?  Some day I want to find Mary’s story and bring her back into the tree.

This is all I know.

Name:    Mary DOLAN?-8519
Sex:    Female
Father:        ??? ???
Mother:    Bridget DOLAN-8516 (1820-1905)

Individual Facts
Birth    abt 1850
Living    1907, MA (about age 57)

1. ??? COLLIS-8525 (1850-    )

Genealogist and writer. Creator of the Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy and Heritage website,

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