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Marthe Magedeleine (Labourdette) Segalas’ Individual Summary

Marthe is my great great grandmother.  She was born in the village of Ogeu les bains in France.

One thing I have found interesting about researching French women is that as early as 1800 they all have occupations listed in official records.  It’s something I am not used to seeing in other localities until 1900.  In this case, Marthe was a cultivatrice, or farmer.  Her husband was as well.

Marthe’s life was a short one.  She died at the age of 29.

Name:    Marthe Magdeleine LABOURDETTE-7880
Sex:    Female
Father:    Michel LABOURDETTE-7904 (1804-    )
Mother:    Jeanne CAPDEVILLE-7905 (    -1855)

Individual Facts
Birth    28 Jul 1830    Buziet, France6
Death    21 Jul 1860 (age 29)    Ogeu les bains, France
Alt. Name        Marthe Magdelaine Capdeville -7880
Occupation    1857-    Cultivatrice (Farmer); Ogeu les bains, France

1. Pierre Charles SEGALAS-7879 (1817-    )
Marriage    1 Aug 1855 (age 25)
Children    Elizabeth SEGALAS-7748 (1857-1938)
Michel SEGALAS-8052 (1860-    )

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