Maria (Silva Baptista) Correia’s Individual Summary

Maria (Silva Baptista) Correia’s Individual Summary

Maria was the mother of my Great Uncle, Anthony Correia.   I do not know much about her.  She came from the island of Madeira and died in Kilauea, Kauai, HI at the age of 44.  She had 12 children.  The last was born a month before Maria died.  She died from childbirth related problems.

Name:    Maria da SILVA BAPTISTA-642
Sex:    Female

Individual Facts
Birth    Oct 1862    Madeira
Residence    bet 1900 and 1930 (between about age 38 and about 68)    Kilauea (Hanalei), Kauai Co., HI
Death    1 Apr 1907 (about age 44)    Kilauea (Hanalei), Kauai Co., HI
Burial        Kilauea Catholic Cem. (St. Sylvester’s), Kilauea, Kauai Co., HI
Died of        Septiceamia
Alt. Name        Marie Baptista; Maria B. Coreia -642

1. Manoel de Jesus CORREIA-352 (1857-1948)
Marriage    9 Sep 1888 (about age 25)    Moloa’a, Kauai Co., HI
Children    Manuel CORREIA Jr.-2213 (1890-    )
Joao “John” CORREIA-349 (1891-1953)
Rosalie “Rosa” CORREIA-2210 (1895-1950)
Jose CORREIA-2209 (1896-    )
Anthony V. CORREIA-486 (1897-1984)
Emmanuel CORREIA-2214 (1897-    )
Maria “Mary” CORREIA-396 (1898-1986)
William “Willie” CORREIA-2212 (1900-1947)
Frank CORREIA Sr.-81 (1902-1978)
George CORREIA-395 (1904-1993)
Minnie CORREIA-397 (1907-1995)
Isabella CORREIA-2211 (    –    )

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4 thoughts on “Maria (Silva Baptista) Correia’s Individual Summary

  1. Maria da SILVA BAPTISTA might be my Gr8 Gr8 Grandmother as my Grandmother was Mary Kamakea (maiden name) and her mother was Marie Correia and Maries brothers and sisters are mentioned in this line up although I only knew Aunty Jesse and Aunty Theresa and Uncles George and Manuel personally, I did know of but never personally knew Frank, Anthony and John. It is confusing as the Correia that I know is spelled Correa so I also wonder if this could maybe not be my Gr8 Gr8 Grandmother. I am the Granddaughter of Mary Kamakea daughter of Marie Correa (Maiden name) and we do have daSilva but my mom said the family split and some dropped the “da” and only known as Silva so it is very mixed. I do not know Silva side. Thank you for posting this as I never knew this part of our genealogy if in fact it is my Ohana. I could never figure how to get records from Madeira as this is where my Portuguese family is from. Am I related? If so this is gr8 progress in my journey backwards which enables me to move forward. If so maybe I can help you fill in some blanks. I have put years into my genealogy but being Portuguese /Hawai`ian gives me sooo many relatives and sooo few who want to tell their stories it has been a hard road.
    Paulette Leilani Kamakea Kawaihae Kampukini Grube

  2. Paulette, thank you for your comment. I’m not sure yet if we have a connection. Were your Correia’s from Kauai?

  3. I was wondering if there was more info on Isabella the daughter? My grandfather Harry Jardine listed in his Soc Sec application as his father being Manuel Jardine and his mother Bella Correa.

  4. Jodi, Thanks for your question! I checked my database and I don’t really have anything on Isabella. I’m asking around to see if cousins have information on her. If I find out anything, I will let you know.

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