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Maria Candida de Jesus Ferreira Grota’s Individual Summary

Note that Maria is recorded in records with surname as “de Jesus”.  This is not a surname, but a religious name.  Portuguese women took on religious names that were similar to a surname.  Sometimes they changed them at different times of their life.

Name:    Maria Candida de JESUS-2702
Sex:    Female

Individual Facts
Birth    1816    Estrela, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel, Acores

1. Leocadio Ferreira GROTA-2704 (1812-    )
Marriage    16 Jun 1834 (about age 18)    Estrela, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel, Acores
Children    Mariano Ferreira GROTA-2707 (    –    )
Antonio Ferreira GROTA-2699 (    –    )
Jose Ferreira GROTA-2703 (    –    )

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