Isabella (Pacheco) Ventura’s Individual Summary

Isabella (Pacheco) Ventura’s Individual Summary


Isabella Pacheco de Braga Ventura was one of my Grandfather’s cousins.  Isabella was born to Joao Pacheco and Joanna Gonsalves Cardoza.  When she was a young girl, he father died and her mother had no financial capacity to take care of her children.  She gave Isabella away to a relatives who were unable to conceive, Jose de Braga and Maria Jacinto.

As the story goes, Isabella did not know that she was adopted.  Though, since she grew up with her siblings and they all had red hair, I suspect she might have guessed.  But, it was on her wedding day that her adoptive parents chose to tell her who her real mother was.  I wish I had been able to talk to Isabella when I started my tree.  She was old and feeble by that time.  I would have liked to ask her what that was like.  Did it cause problems or did she accept it easily?

Isabella was well liked.  Mention “Bella Ventura” to relatives and they all seemed to know who you were talking about.

This photo shows her on her wedding day.  My great uncle and aunt, Jose and Minnie (Ventura) Pacheco Smith are in the photo.  Isabella’s husband, Manoel Ventura, is on the right.



Name:    Isabella “Bella DeBraga” PACHECO-4111
Sex:    Female
Father:    Jose de BRAGA-40 (1874-1936)
Mother:    Maria de Jesus JACINTO-63 (1876-1947)
Father:    Joao PACHECO Sr.-115 (1869-1906)
Mother:    Joanna GONSALVES CARDOZO-150 (1875-1952)

Individual Facts
Birth    18 Oct 1903    Kilauea (Hanalei), Kauai Co., HI
Emigrated on    8 May 1907 (age 3)    SS Mongolia (in steerage); Honolulu, Honolulu Co., HI
Immigrated on    aft 8 May 1907 (after age 3)    SS Mongolia; San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA
Residence    1920 (about age 17)    Third St.; Spreckels, Monterey Co., CA
Residence    1930 (about age 27)    235 E. 17th St.; Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Residence    1942 (about age 39)    19 Carr St.; San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA
Alt. Name    1942 (about age 39)    Mrs. Isabel VENTURA
Alt. Name    1947 (about age 44)    Isabel VENTURA
Residence    1947 (about age 44)    San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA
Residence    bet 1960 and 1982 (between about age 57 and about 79)    San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA
Alt. Name    Mar 1976 (about age 72)    Bella VENTURA
Residence    Jun 1993 (about age 89)    Menlo Park, CA
Death    22 Jun 1993 (age 89)    CA
Alt. Name        Bella DeBraga; Miss Isabella Pacheco

1. Manuel VENTURA-59 (1895-1986)
Marriage    bet 1917 and 1921 (between about age 14 and about 18)    CA
Children    Virginia B. VENTURA
Mary Louise “Marylou” VENTURA
Stanley W. VENTURA
Richard Arnold “Dick” VENTURA

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2 thoughts on “Isabella (Pacheco) Ventura’s Individual Summary

  1. Isabel was my great grandmother and used to babysit me during the week as a young child until I started school. She was known as “Candy grandma” and had a heart of gold. She was adored by my Great Grandfather and her children and grandchildren who all lived close by. I was and still very close to her and feel her presence in my life everyday. Don’t know what let me to this website but you have lead me to some information about my heritage that I have always wanted to know. As a very proud grandson of Mary Lou Ventura iannone, I appreciate you sharing this information with people who loved my Great grandma Ventura very much. She was a very happy lady and was surrounded by people who loved her very much

  2. I knew as a young child she was adopted. She was very excepting of it and told me great memories as an “only”child. I may be mistaken but I think she knew she was adopted as a child.

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