Guilhermina (Clemente) Ventura’s Individual Summary

Guilhermina (Clemente) Ventura’s Individual Summary

Guilhermina was the mother-in-law of Jose Pacheco (aka Joe Pacheco Smith).  Her daughter, Minnie, married Jose.  Her son, Manoel, married Jose’s cousin, Isabella Pacheco de Braga.

Guilhermina was born in Magdalena do Mar in 1877.  She migrated to Kauai, HI as a child.  She married Francisco de Boa Ventura on Kauai and they had several children.  Eventually, they migrated to Monterey County, living in Spreckels, where their family was involved with the Sugar Beet farms.

Guilhermina spent a lifetime migrating.  From Madeira Island to Kauai, HI.  Then to Spreckels, Salinas, Redwood City, Red Bluff, and finally ending up in San Mateo County at the time of her death.  That’s a lot of resettling for one person!

Name:    Guilhermina “Minnie” CLEMENTE-3341
Sex:    Female
Father:    Augusto CLEMENTE Sr.-393 (1856-1925)
Mother:    Maria da Encarnacao FERNANDEZ-1937 (1855-1918)

Individual Facts
Birth    21 Apr 1877    Magdalena do Mar, Funchal, Madeira15
Ship Imm On    1884 (about age 7)    City of Paris; Honolulu, Honolulu Co., HI
Naturalization    1896 (about age 19)
Residence    1900 (about age 23)    Kekaha (Waimea), Kauai Co., HI
Residence    1920 (about age 43)    Spreckels, Monterey Co., CA
Residence    1930 (about age 53)    Redwood City, San Mateo Co., CA
Alt. Name    1936 (about age 59)    Minnie VENTURA
Residence    1937 (about age 60)    1623 Hess Road; Red Bluff, CA
Death    10 Feb 1952 (age 74)    San Mateo Co., CA
Alt. Name        Clemina “Mini” Clement

1. Francisco De Boa VENTURA Sr.-335 (1869-1936)
Marriage    1 Apr 1894 (age 16)    Koloa, Kauai Co., HI

Manuel VENTURA-59 (1895-1986)
Maria “Mamie” VENTURA-336
Frank VENTURA-345
August “Ven” VENTURA-347
Minnie Frances VENTURA-21 (1902-1949)
Eva M. VENTURA-338

Phyllis VENTURA-337
John “Jack” VENTURA-339
Irene Lillian VENTURA-340

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