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Bridget (Coyne) Wall’s Individual Summary

I would have never known about Bridget Coyne if she had not contested the reopening probate in 1907 of Patrick Dolan.  Before I found that file I had no idea that the Dolan’s had cousins in Massachusetts.  It was a whole new branch of the tree for me.

Name:    Bridget COYNE-8521
Sex:    Female
Father:    Patrick COYNE-8520 (1820-    )
Mother:    Margaret DOLAN-8517 (1820-1880)

Individual Facts
Birth    Mar 1854    Milford, Worcester Co., MA
Residence    1870 (about age 16)    Milford, Worcester Co., MA
Residence    1880 (about age 26)    Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Residence    1900 (about age 46)    48 Granger Street; Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Residence    1910 (about age 56)    180 Westville; Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Residence    bet 1918 and 1927 (between about age 64 and about 73)  Tonawanda; Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Alt. Name    12 Sep 1918 (about age 64)    Mrs. M.J. WALL-85215
Death    13 May 1927 (about age 73)    Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Burial        Calvary Cemetery, MA
Cause of Death        Cerebral Hemorrhage

1. Michael J. WALL-8524 (1851-    )
Marriage    21 Oct 1874 (about age 20)    Boston, Suffolk Co., MA2
Children    Patrick H. WALL-8589 (1876-    )
Mary A. WALL-8590 (1878-1947)
George Joseph WALL-8588 (1880-1947)
William R. WALL-8591 (1883-    )
Margaret L. WALL-8592 (1889-    )
Frances WALL-8853 (1889-    )
Joseph Albert WALL-8854 (1892-1970)
??? WALL-8855 (1900-    )
??? WALL-8856 (1900-    )
??? WALL-8857 (1900-1910)


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