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The PGSH needs your help for SCOPO

A member of the Facebook Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy Group posted this announcement.  If you live in Hawaii and can volunteer, give the PGSH a call! Thanks!

The Portuguese Genealogical & Historical Society of Hawaii are making plans for their SCOPO Convention, to be held on Oahu this year. Plus, they are also planning for the Festa. They NEED a Lot of HELP as their “elderly are passing on” and may have to ask friends and families to help with the Festa. They are even needing to ask non-Portuguese friends to help out. If you live on Oahu, please think about helping out, it will be much appreciated! Again, they are located at 810 North Vineyard Blvd., Rm 11, in Honolulu, HI 96817 phone 808-841-5044.

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