SNGF: Where were they 100 years ago?

SNGF: Where were they 100 years ago?

This week Randy has set up a fun challenge for us, one that I can actually participate in!  For Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, I am to list all my ancestors who were alive in 1913, where they lived, and who was living with them on 1 January 1913.

My Mom’s Maternal side:

Great Grandparents and Great Great Grandfather

Harry Kenneth Jackson (b. 1871, England) and Margaret Mary Jones (b. 1880, San Francisco CA).  They were bouncing around after they lost their home in San Francisco in the 1906 earthquake and fire in San Francisco.  In 1913, they were living on Peralta Ave in Oakland, CA.  Living with them was Margaret’s father, Thomas Augustine Jones (b. 1850, Sydney, Australia), and their children:  John (b. 1906, San Francisco), Margaret (b. 1909, San Francisco), and my Grandmother, Anna (b. 1912, Oakland).

My Mom’s Paternal side:

My Great Grandparents

Theodoro Pacheco (aka Theodore P. Smith, b. 1876, Achada, Sao Miguel Island, Azores) and Maria Espirito Santo de Braga (b. 1876, Maia, Sao Miguel Island, Azores) were living on E. 25th Street in Oakland, CA.  Within that year, Theodoro’s leprosy would become life threatening and he would die in 1914.  With them are their children:  Jose (b. 1896, Kilauea, Kauai, HI), Maria (b. 1898, Kilauea), Willie (b. 1899, Kilauea–died in 1913 of influenza), Theodore Jr. (b. 1901, Kilauea), and my Grandfather, Joao (b. 1907 on board ship in San Francisco Bay).

My Great Great Grandfather

Jozimas de Braga (b. 1849, Maia, Sao Miguel Island) was a widower living alone on E. 25th Street, Oakland, CA.

My Dad’s Maternal side:

My Great Grandparents and Grandmother

Charles Mazeres dit Salanave (b. 1868, Ogeu les bains, France) and Brigitte Breilh (b. 1871, Castet, France) lived on 10th Avenue in Oakland, CA where they ran French laundries.  With them was their only daughter (my Grandmother), Anna (b. 1897, San Francisco, CA)

My Great Great Grandparents

Jean Breilh (b. 1845, Castet, France), widower, was living on 39th Street in Oakland, CA.  He was living with his son, Jean Baptiste Breilh (b. 1888, Izeste, France) and his wife, Leanor LaClaustra (b. 1886, Spain).

My Dad’s Paternal side:

My Great Grandparents

Pierre Lassalle (b. 1861, Ogeu les bains, France) and Elizabeth Segalas (b. 1857, Ogeu les bains, France) were still living in Ogeu les bains.  They lived their entire life in the village.

My Grandfather

Jean Lassalle (b. 1888, Ogeu les bains, France), was single, and living somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1913.  It might have been Oakland or San Francisco.  This may be in another part of the Bay Area when he was employed cleaning vats at a winery.  I’m really not sure at this point.  I do know he was in the area.

I do not have any photos of these early homes.  The houses on E. 25th Street in Oakland, CA still exist.  I’m able to get a shot of them on Google Maps.

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