Twelve Genealogy Mysteries I’d Like to Solve

Twelve Genealogy Mysteries I’d Like to Solve

Well, I’m a little late to the show as always. It’s no longer 12/12/12, but I still want to play the game! On the Leaves and Branches blog, Colleen posted twelve mysteries she would like to solve.  I thought I’d list mine, too.

These are the mysteries I would like to solve in 2013 or someday…

1.  Jacintho Pacheco, where is your death certificate and when did you die?

2.  Ana Jacinta de Melo and Jacintho Pacheco, where the heck did you get married?

3.  Antonio Pacheco, where were your born and baptized?

4.  Harry Kenneth Jackson, who were your parents?

5.  Martin Kelly, did you leave behind a will?

6.  John and Mary Jane (Haywards) Jones, how can I establish you in Sydney, Australia?

7.  Luc di Bie, where were you born?

8.  Michael Dolan, who did you marry?

9.  The people who were the parents of Michael and William Dolan, what were your names?

10. John and Mary (Reilly) Jackson, did you really have children?

11.  Margaret (Jones) and Harry Jackson, when did you divorce?

12. Patrick Dolan, where are your naturalization papers?

Well, that’s a tall order.  I’d be happy to solve one or two of these by the end of 2013.

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