Advent Calendar: Give the Fruit Cake to Grandma

Advent Calendar: Give the Fruit Cake to Grandma

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(Day 14 of Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories:  Fruit Cake, Friend or Foe?)

My family was born and raised on chocolate.  Chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate ice cream.  So on the rare occasion someone made the faux pas of sending us a, there was only response:  Gross!  Wrap it up for Grandma!

None of liked the damn thing.  The whole idea of a fruit cake is just appalling to me.  But, my Grandma Shellabarger loved them.  She enjoyed them any time of year. It was one of her favorite treats.

If someone gave us a fruit cake, we switched tags and into Grandma’s box it went.  It was one way to make sure we weren’t stuck with them and it made Grandma’s day.  She never knew the difference and she loved our thoughtful gesture 😉

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