SNGF: Ancestor Roulette

SNGF: Ancestor Roulette

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Randy has his new Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge up at  This week it’s Ancestor Roulette.  Take a great grandmother’s birth year and divide it by 90.  Then, find this person on an ahnentafel chart, provide their vitals, and share three facts about them.

I chose my great grandmother, Elizabeth (Segalas) Lassalle.  She was born in 1857.  The number I come up with 20.63.  It rounds off to 21.

Ancestor number 21 on my ahnentafel chart is Marie Anne Lacrouts.  She was born 8 Sep 1835 in Ogeu les bains, France.  She was the daughter of Jean Pierre Lacrouts and Magedelaine Boulan.  She died 1 Sep 1891 in Ogeu les bains.  She married Jean Mazeres dit Salanave on 9 Jan 1854 in Ogeu les bains.

Three facts about Marie-Anne:

1. Her occupation was listed in records as a cultivatrice.  This means she was a farmer.

2. Marie-Anne lived her entire life in Ogeu les bains, which is a village in Southern France.  Though five of her children migrated to the United States between 1880-1900, she never came to the US herself.

3.  She had at least 8 children.  At least one died as an infant.  Two others may have also died young.





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  1. Mel – this is a very interesting result. I’m sure you have ideas why she remained in France while so many of her children emigrated. Seems like she’d be quite lonely for them… (speaking as a mother of 4, grandmother of 6).

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