Beware of False Tombstones

Beware of False Tombstones

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Carol from the Reflections on the Fence blog posted a link to a blog post that I think you all should read.  It is from the Ancestoring blog and titled “Problems with Find-A-Grave“.

The author tells about problems with scammers who are using Find-A-Grave to mess with our heads.  Evidently, some people get their jollies by posting biographies that are completely made up.  Others are creating fake tombstone photos and posting them.  Yep, you heard that right.  Photoshopped tombstone photos.

As with all genealogy data, we need to confirmed what we find.  I guess we can’t trust photos even if they are of tombstones!

I have no idea what small minded people get there kicks this way.  They certainly aren’t making money off of it.  Maybe they search the web to see how many places people have copied their little jokes to.

At any rate, read the blog post and always be aware that there are small percentage of people out there who really don’t care how they hurt people.  They think it’s funny.


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