SNGF: What’s Your Genealogist Type?

SNGF: What’s Your Genealogist Type?

Randy’s challenge is up for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun over at his blog, GeneaMusings.  This week we’re supposed to read “What Type of Genealogist Are You?” by Lorine McGinnis over at the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog.  Then, we’re supposed to write about what type we are.

As a dutiful participant, I read the blog post.  Then, decided on what type of genealogist I am.  I think I’m a combination of a couple.

I am definitely a Hunter or Detective.  I love to research.  I mean, I love to research!  I will research my tree, your tree, the dead neighbor’s tree.  It doesn’t matter whose tree, I’ll work on it.  I love the thrill of the hunt.  I can work for hours to find that one elusive entry on an index.

I’ve researched my tree.  I’ve researched all the associated families from the Portuguese side.  I’ve researched my brother-in-law’s La Grange, Boisvert, Murphy, Duclos tree.  I’ve done my sister-in-law’s Brownrigg-Johns tree.  I’ve done research for several friends.  I’ve even researched all the Portuguese families of Kauai, HI from  about 1880 to 1940.  I would say I have a slight addiction. 🙂

I’m also an Analyzer.  I will get a document and ponder it endlessly.  I will look for clues that are there.  I try to figure out what isn’t there.  I may stare at it for quite some time just pondering the fact that my Great Great Grandmother could write.

Lorine didn’t include this, but I’d also call myself an “Amasser”.  I am a genealogist who amasses a great deal of documentation and research.  I am not satisfied following the census trail and getting the vital records.  I’ve scoured newspapers, city directories, life insurance policies, and anything else I can get my hands on.  As I say, “The more documents, the merrier”.  This may be why I’m now going through 120 folders of digital files…ahem…

If you like, read Lorine’s post.  Then, tell Randy what type of genealogist you are.




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