Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

[I am working my way backward through Amy Coffin’s 52 weeks of Abundant Genealogy because I wasn’t paying attention at the beginning of the year.  This is my entry for week #19…Blog Series]

Without a doubt the blog series I enjoy the most is Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun at  Without it, I might run out of blogging ideas altogether.

Each week, Randy posts a unique challenge.  Sometimes they involve telling something about our ancestors, sometimes they lead us to a website where we use a new tool, and sometimes they show us how to get more from our genealogy software.  Every week it is something different.

I don’t really know how Randy does it.  It must take some thinking to put together each week’s challenge.  They are never boring and they always make me see my genealogy from a different angle.  Truth be told, I need to be prompted sometimes.  I get writer’s block every now and then or life interferes with blogging.  It’s helpful to have these challenges ready and waiting for me.

So, thank you to Randy for making each Saturday Night a challenge for all us bloggers!



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