SNGF: Ancestor Roulette #38

SNGF: Ancestor Roulette #38

Randy’s challenge for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is to play Ancestor Roulette.  I’m to pick one of my great grandfathers.  Then, take his birthday and divide it by 50.  The end results is what I look up on my ahnentafel chart.  Once I have my person, I’m to tell you all three facts about that person.

I chose Theodoro Pacheco born 1876.  Now, I’m supposed to take his year of birth and divide it by 50.  That number rounds up to 38.  Ancestor #38 on my ahnentafel chart is… <…drum roll…> Michel Labourdette, the son of Jean Labourdette and Maria Miejaville.

Here are my three facts about Jean Pierre…

I.   Michel was born on the 9 Sep 1804 in Buziet, France.

II.  He married Jeanne Capdeville on 28 Dec 1829 in Buziet

III.  He had at least two siblings:  Jean Pierre and Baptiste Pierre


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