Marriage Entry Throws Me a Curve

Marriage Entry Throws Me a Curve

The Olympics ended abruptly tonight, so I had some time to play around.  I decided to make another stab at finding the marriage record for my Great Aunt Margaret Mary Jackson and her last husband, Alfred V. “Buster” Fafri.

I have had a heck of a time finding any information of Margaret after 1920.  By 1930, she no longer lives with her mother.  She is out on her own.

I knew that she had two marriages before she married Alfred Fafri.  The other husbands were Larry Engebretson and Roy Habernicht.  I was able to find Roy in the 1930 and 1940 census but not attached to Margaret.  There were too many Engebretson combinations for me to know if I found the right person.  None of them were married to Margaret, so it wasn’t helpful.

Recently, I narrowed down my search for Margaret and Alfred to 1937-1945.  This was based on city directory research. has a several San Francisco County records titled Marriage Certificates Indexes…Grooms.  I have looked through it before, though I didn’t give it much effort since it isn’t indexed.

Tonight, I decided to try the 1944-1946 index.  I thumbed through several pages before I found what I was looking for…Alfred Vernon Fafri.   There was the marriage entry…Margaret…Mary…Nelson!!!!  Nelson????  Where did Nelson come from?

The couple was married 19 Jul 1944 in San Francisco.  The date fits and the first names fit.  It looks like Margaret had been married at least one more time prior to Alfred.  A marriage that her two sisters neglected to tell me about!

It looks like I have some fresh information to work with.  I can search the census for Margaret Nelson.  FamilySearch stops with 1936, so it looks like I’m out of luck for a quick easy fix.   At least, I now know what happened to Margaret!


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One thought on “Marriage Entry Throws Me a Curve

  1. I have had that happen, it really is quite the head slap type of event. SIGH

    I went searching for a marriage for Man’s dad, and instead found one for his granddad. Been researching that buggar for over 20 years, and I find a new marriage record for him??


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