Genealympics First Week Results

Genealympics First Week Results

I am participating in the Genealympics hosted by AnceStories and  Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings.  I had gotten off to a late start as I was obsessed with watching the Olympics.  But, I think I’ve done pretty good for 3 days work.

I completed two of the first week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenges, two of the second week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenges, and two of the challenges under the Genea Blogger Games’ Write! Write! Write!  category.

I earned these medals:

Great Great Grandparent challenge:  Platinum

Surname challenge:  Gold

Source to Person Ratio challenge:  Disqualified

Blog’s Read challenge: Bronze

What’s This Blog About and Biographical Sketch (Write, Write, Write challenges): Silver Medal (so far):  Silver

Looks like I’ve got a nice collection of all the colors.  I’ve had fun these past couple of days and I hope to participate even more next week.


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