Genea Challenge Two: How far can you go?

Genea Challenge Two: How far can you go?

This is the second challenge set out in Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun for the Genealympics.  This time I am to take one surname from my tree and write about how far back I can go.

I am going to avoid the Portuguese.  Their surnames change so frequently that I wouldn’t get back very far.  I’m going to go with Lassalle, my Dad’s side of the tree.

This line, of course, starts with me. I can go back 8 generations on this line.  I can go back many, many, many more generations on my Portuguese line, but not by surname.

  1. My Dad
  2. Jean Lassalle and Anna Madeleine Mazeres (m. 1912, California)
  3. Pierre Lassalle and Elisabeth Segalas (m. 1887, Ogeu les bains, France)
  4. Jean Lassalle and Marie Anne Alexine Loustanau (m. 1857, Ogeu les bains, France
  5. Augustin Lassalle and Marie-Anne Maissonauve (m. 1818, Ogeu les bains, France)
  6. Jean Pierre Bouchet and Catherine Lassalle (m. ca 1800, France)
  7. Luc de Bie and Marie Lassalle (m. ca 1780, France)
  8. Jean Baptiste de Migeu and Marie Lassalle (m. 1740, Escou, France)

Medal earns:  8 generations = Gold Medal


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