The Organizing Project: An Update

The Organizing Project: An Update

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Last year, I was determined to get through a several years worth of backlog of documents on my computer.  I worked slowly and steadily through folders.  My goal was to complete it before the 1940 Census came out in April.

How did I do?  Not so good.  I didn’t meet my goal.  I was on pace to get all the folders empty then the genealogy gods conspired against me.  In December, I found out that the French vital records were online.  For several weeks I translated French birth, death, and marriage records to my hearts content.  Once I had exhausted the records and my brain cells, it was March.  I hadn’t worked on my organizing project in three months.

I shouldn’t say that I did poorly.  I was able to input all the documents on my Jones, Kelly, and Dolan lines going back 5 years.  I input everything on my Dad’s French lines.  So, at least those two lines are completely up to date.  It’s those pesky Portuguese that I am now laboring over.

This week I renewed my efforts.  I know that it’s going to take me a long time to sort through all this stuff.  Part of the problem has been that I have two sort folders.  One is documents from 2009 and earlier.  The other I started in 2011.  I decided that I need those folders to be one.  I’m finding too much duplication and it’s getting frustrating.

Also, I figured out that the small the group of documents, the quicker I get through it.  So, I am creating a sort folder for each family group for 2012.  All these miscellaneous records will go into a 2012 folder.  Then, I can go through group by group and see what I have input.  It will take extra time to do, but I think it will save me time in the long run.  Also, it will help me feel less overwhelmed since most families will only have two or three documents.

I will not give up!  I have so much information in these folders that will help me put together my tree and the Kauai families.  I will get through it.  I swear it!

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