My Two Week Absence

My Two Week Absence

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Seems every time I try to get ahead life happens.  I wanted to dive head first in the 1940 Census, then post about my findings.  Unfortunately two weeks my dog had an injury somewhere in her back end.  We rushed to the Vet and found out her anal gland had ruptured.

It was going to be a painful recovery for her (and us!).    The first week was very hard.  She was on pain killers and though she wore a hood, she had to be watched, so she wouldn’t get to her injury.  She had to be hand fed for the first two days and carried outside to go potty.

She did a lot of laying around which is unusual for a Jack Russell Terrier.  She did begin to feel better at the end of the first week, though she was still sore.

She finally started to act like herself midway through the second week.  On Thursday, I was able to take the hood off, which made her so happy!

It’s been a long two weeks for everyone.  But, she is fully healed now.  Maybe now I can get back to that census.

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