SNGF: Ancestor Roulette

SNGF: Ancestor Roulette

Tonight’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun mission from Randy over at Genea-Musings is to play Ancestor Roulette.  They’re already dead, so there’s no losers here 😉

First, I take my paternal grandfather’s year of birth, which is 1888.  Then I divide that by 100 and round off.  My number is 19.  Then I’m supposed to find number 19 on my pedigree chart and write three things about this person.  Number 19 on my pedigree chart is Marthe Magdeleine Labourdette.

Three things I know about Marthe:

1.  She married Pierre Charles Segalas in 1855 in Ogeu les bains, France

2.  She was born on 28 Jul 1830, Buziet, France

3.  Her parents were Michel Labourdette and Jeanne Capdeville.

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