Book Kanaka available through the NHGSoc

Book Kanaka available through the NHGSoc

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The NHGSoc has this announcement on it’s website:

“NHGSoc has partnered with author and researcher Tom Koppel, to offer a great price on a copy of his book, “Kanaka: The Untold Story of Hawaiian Pioneers in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest”.

It is he ho’ohanohano nui (a great honor) to work with Mr. Koppel to offer our members not only a great price for the aforementioned book, but also to make known that he will sign and even inscribe the book with a personal message; of your liking, for all who make a purchase.

This work is of very high quality, with extensive research done by Mr. Koppel into the individual lives of many Native Hawaiians in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

New copies of this same work of authorship, sell online for upwards of $40 or more and used copies sell for slightly less.

This is your opportunity to own a brand new copy of a great book that you will use time and time again as an invaluable resource during your own research, for a price that can’t be beat.”

For more information about this book and how to purchase it, contact the NHGSoc.

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