Where the heck have I been?

Where the heck have I been?

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I noticed today that I haven’t blogged since December 3rd.  The holidays are a busy period.  Having a disability makes spreading my time and energy around all that more difficult.

So, what was I doing the last 3 weeks?  Putting together my family genealogy newsletter, that’s what.  Each December I put together a newsletter that covers family events and family history.  The first part is dedicated to current happenings.  The second part is dedicated to genealogy and family history.  It’s usually four pages in length.

Why do I do this newsletter?  Throughout the year, many cousins take the time out to share family stories, update me on family events, and add to my information.  Twelve years ago, I decided that I should give something back to those who are interested.  So, I started writing the Pacheco-de Braga newsletter.

With the newsletter, I can help keep the family history alive.  A genealogy that is not shared really isn’t worth much.

The newsletter is also a way for disparate ends of the family to meet each other, even if once a year.  It gives a sense that the family lives on and continues to spread–like a virus…LOL

This year, my printer decided that it would not cooperate.  I ended up emailing the newsletter rather than sending it via the post office.  It gave me an opportunity to share parts of the tree with each cousin.  I included a pedigree and descendants list for each cousin covering their side of the tree.  I hope that they enjoyed learning more about their history.  Of course, I hope some will send back updates and point out where I screwed up.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to in December.  It’s a big undertaking but one I feel is worthwhile.



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