Friday Free Ebook: Everything Family Christmas

Friday Free Ebook: Everything Family Christmas

I haven’t had anything to post recently in this category.  I thought I’d share the newest free book over at Barnes & Noble.  This ebook is available for the Nook (as well as other readers that take the ePUB format).

The book is called The Everything Family Christmas Book by Yvonne Jeffrey.  It’s a collection of Christmas lore, songs, stories, religions traditions, pagan traditions, and so forth.  It’s an interesting read for anyone interested in learning more about the holiday, it’s beginnings, and rituals.

I downloaded a copy today and started to read some of the history section.  It was interesting to find that during various periods of time Christian church leaders of different faiths found Christmas to be very unChristian.  Americans banned the practice after the American Revolution.  It was deemed as unChristian and too European.  The Puritans banned Christmas too.  Though I think they were against pretty much anything that was festive and might show people enjoying life.

What we know as Christmas, really is a modern creation.  The celebrations of Christmas didn’t really come back into favor until the early to mid 1800s.    A book called A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens had much to do with increasing it’s popularity.

You can get the book from free from the Barnes & Noble website.  Enjoy!


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