Advent Calendar: Songs of the Season

Advent Calendar: Songs of the Season

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(This article was originally posted for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2010)

I have to admit it, I love Christmas music.  I love Winter Music.  I love the Holiday songs.  I always have.

I was in choir in elementary school.  It was one of my favorite times of year.  I can still remember learning “Jingle, Jingle, Jingle, You will hear my sleigh bells ring.  I am old Kris Kringle.  I’m the King of Jingling!’  That was 5th grade.  In 6th Grade we learned “A Caroling, a caroling, a caroling we go…”.  Those were jolly times.

The only caroling I ever did was in school.  Our 5th grade teacher arranged for us to go caroling at the local rest home.  We made little gifts and learned songs.  Right before winter break, we trudged up the hill a couple of blocks to the rest home.  We sang for the Seniors and spread our cheer.  It was fun!

I have only had carolers at my door once in all my life.  I guess it’s not that big of thing in the San Francisco Bay Area–at least in the part that I live in.

I have so many favorite Christmas and Holiday songs.  Frosty the Snowman, Silent Night, Jingle Bell Rock, Christmas Day, Winter Wonderland, Silver Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Some Day at Christmas, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Holly Jolly Christmas, and so many more.  I really love the Eurythmics version of Winter Wonderland.  And Band Aids “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time” is still something I enjoy to listen to…it certainly puts things into perspective.

We had a couple of albums of Christmas music when I was growing up.  I remember one that had a green album cover, with little angel candles in the middle.  The Album title was “Deck the Halls”.  We played that album endlessly for weeks much to my parent’s chagrin.

Now I search the internet for free downloadable songs so I can fill my MP3 player.  I’m always looking for different songs that I haven’t heard before to mix it up.

From now until Christmas the neighbors will hear a joyous sound, or may not so joyous, coming from my shower 😉  I’ve got Christmas music on the brain and I’m not afraid to share it!

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