SNGF: Ancestors Geneameme

SNGF: Ancestors Geneameme

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Tonight’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun posted by Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings is to fill out the The Ancestors’ Geneameme posted by Geniaus Blog. I promise that is the last time you’ll see posted twice in the same sentence. 😉

This is the list and instructions:

The Ancestors’ Geneameme

The list should be annotated in the following manner:
Things you have already done or found: bold face type
Things you would like to do or find: italicize (colour optional)
Things you haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type
You are encouraged to add extra comments in brackets after each item
Which of these apply to you?
  1. Can name my 16 great-great-grandparents [I have all but one set]
  2. Can name over 50 direct ancestors
  3. Have photographs or portraits of my 8 great-grandparents [So far, no photo exists of Harry Kenneth Jackson]
  4. Have an ancestor who was married more than three times [With a caveat…it’s said that my Gr Gr Grandmother, Ana Jacinta de Mello Pacheco was married 5 times, but I only have proof on one marriage.  I am sure some of my noble ancestors broke the 3 marriage record.]
  5. Have an ancestor who was a bigamist
  6. Met all four of my grandparents [Nope.  Joao Pacheco Smith, my Grandfather, and his replacement, Frank Shellabarger, both died before I was born]
  7. Met one or more of my great-grandparents[Although my Gr Grandmother, Margaret Jones Jackson, was still alive when I was born, she died when I was 1 year old.  I have never heard stories of her coming around and I would not remember it anyway.]
  8. Named a child after an ancestor
  9. Bear an ancestor’s given name/s [Got my middle name from both of my Grandmother’s]
  10. Have an ancestor from Great Britain or Ireland [I’ve got 2 from England, 1 from Wales, and 2 from Ireland so far]
  11. Have an ancestor from Asia
  12. Have an ancestor from Continental Europe [Many from the Azores, Portugal, France, and other areas of Europe]
  13. Have an ancestor from Africa
  14. Have an ancestor who was an agricultural labourer [Many!  The Azoreans were peasants who left for Hawaii to work the sugar plantations.]
  15. Have an ancestor who had large land holdings [My Gr Gr Grandfather, Martin Kelly, held several pieces of property in San Francisco.  My noble/royal ancestors owned more land than I would know–some on the island of Sao Miguel, then back through Europe.]
  16. Have an ancestor who was a holy man – minister, priest, rabbi
  17. Have an ancestor who was a midwife
  18. Have an ancestor who was an author
  19. Have an ancestor with the surname Smith, Murphy or Jones [My Smith surname was acquired and has died out, thankfully.  I’ve got Jones in my Australian/Irish tree.]
  20. Have an ancestor with the surname Wong, Kim, Suzuki or Ng
  21. Have an ancestor with a surname beginning with X [not sure…with the Portuguese early use of x for ch, I may]
  22. Have an ancestor with a forename beginnining with Z [I have to go way back to my line that connects to the Moors and then back to Mohammed the Prophet.  I’ve got Zayda ibn Zayda!  Ha!  Double Z!]
  23. Have an ancestor born on 25th December [Barbara da Silva b. 25 Dec 1768]
  24. Have an ancestor born on New Year’s Day
  25. Have blue blood in your family lines [Several of my Azorean lines link to nobility and royalty…one of the benefits of having Azorean ancestors.]
  26. Have a parent who was born in a country different from my country of birth
  27. Have a grandparent who was born in a country different from my country of birth [My Dad’s Father was born in France]
  28. Can trace a direct family line back to the eighteenth century
  29. Can trace a direct family line back to the seventeenth century or earlier [I can trace my Azoreans back many centuries]
  30. Have seen copies of the signatures of some of my great-grandparents
  31. Have ancestors who signed their marriage certificate with an X [Common in Azorean church records]
  32. Have a grandparent or earlier ancestor who went to university [May be possible on my French lines, but I don’t think so with the others…except back to the noble/royal lines]
  33. Have an ancestor who was convicted of a criminal offence [My Great Grandfather, Harry Jackson, did a little time for trying to burn his ex-wife’s house down during the divorce.]
  34. Have an ancestor who was a victim of crime [My Great Grandfather, Charles Mazeres, was beaten and robbed in Oakland, California while coming home from work–3 weeks before the 1906 earthquake and fire…bad month for him!]
  35. Have shared an ancestor’s story online or in a magazine (Tell us where) [The now defunct AOL Golden Gate Genealogy Forum, also defunct, my own website]
  36. Have published a family history online or in print (Details please)
  37. Have visited an ancestor’s home from the 19th or earlier centuries
  38. Still have an ancestor’s home from the 19th or earlier centuries in the family
  39. Have a  family bible from the 19th Century [The only Bible I know of that still is around is my parents.]
  40. Have a pre-19th century family bible

If any of my readers would like to do this, post a link!  It will be fun to see how much work we all have done and still need to do.

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2 thoughts on “SNGF: Ancestors Geneameme

  1. Melody, they say that hell has no fury like a woman scorned but your great-grandfather, Harry, gives this saying a good run for its money.

    Thanks are taking part in the meme challenge, I enjoyed your responses.

  2. You might (or might not be surprised) that one of my Mom’s cousins thought his Grandfather’s first name was “Damn” because his Grandmother always referred to him as “That Damn Jackson”. LOL

    Thanks for creating the challenge! I enjoyed working throught it.

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