Worldless Wednesday: Joe and Minnie

Worldless Wednesday: Joe and Minnie

My Great Aunt and Uncle, Minnie (Ventura) and Joe P. Smith (aka Jose Pacheco), ca 1925, E. 25th Street, Oakland, CA

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  1. I’m several family members one name is that of Marie Augusta Ventura, any connection to your Minnie Ventura?

  2. Oneida, Mine were from Sao Jose, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel Island. They went to Kauai, Hawaii, and lived in Koloa. Then around 1906 they moved to California and worked on the sugar beet farms in the Salinas/Spreckels area. The father was Francisco de Boa Ventura who married Guilhermina Clement. Does any of that ring a bell?

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