SNGF: Ahnentafel Roulette

SNGF: Ahnentafel Roulette

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Randy has posted this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge over on Genea-Musings.  This could be a challenge since math is not my strong suit.

First off, I’m supposed to choose one of my Great Grandfathers.  I selected Pierre Lassalle because he just had a birthday 😉  He was born 26 Aug 1861, Ogeu les bains, France.  If he lived today, he would be 150 years old. Now, I’m supposed to divide that by 4 and round up to the nearest number.  Looks like the wheel has settled on number 38.

Next, I identify who #38 is on my ahnentafel chart and list 3 facts about that person.  That person is Michel Labourdette.  I don’t know alot about Michel, but here goes…

1.  He was born in the town of Buziet, France

2.  He was married in 1829 to Jeanne Capdeville

3.  He sometimes went by the surname Labourdette Miejaville.  Miejaville was his Mother’s maiden name.

That really wasn’t satisfying.  LOL  Let’s try another Great Grandfather and see where the wheel goes.  This time I’ll use Theodoro Pacheco, who was younger.  He was born in 1876 and would be 135 year old today.  The wheel lands on #34…Alexis Loustanau

My three facts about Alexis Loustanau are:

1.  He lived to the age of 72 (born 1780; died 1853)

2.  He was baptized at the age of 11.  This seems unusual to me.  I am used to the Portuguese who baptized babies within days of being born lest an evil spirit set in.

3.  He married Therese Lartigau in Ogeu les bains, France sometime around 1827.

My other Great Grandfather’s were born around the same time, so the numbers are the same.

What I learned today is I have very few details about some ancestors in my tree.  It is difficult to come up with more details when your other resources are birth, death, and marriage records.



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