That’s Old News: Caught In Shanghai

That’s Old News: Caught In Shanghai

The 26th of March 1926 Oakland Tribune headline blared…

Then it was followed by the story of a young couple separated by continents.  The young woman, Norine “Dorothy” Segalas, was at home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her boyfriend, Everett Bargones, was working for the Dollar Steamship company in Shanghai, China.  A letter home from Everett stated that he got caught up in the conflagration and was fighting with the American Volunteer Army.

Here is her story from the article:

This young woman was the daughter of my Grandpa Lassalle’s cousin, Albert Segalas.  Albert was married to Elise Anne Lascurettes.  The Segalas’ owned the Model French Laundry on 23rd Avenue in Oakland, California.

The young man is seen here:

Everett was the son of James Bargones and Mathilda Louis.  James Bargones was the Deputy Assessor of Alameda County.

The two had met while working for the Dollar Steamship Company.  Norine was not employed by the company when Everett was assigned to China, which this article retells…

The article doesn’t tell us how it ends.  Everett does eventually get out of China.  The couple was married around 1928.  They had three children.  Norine and Everett both died in their 80s.

It is interesting to see how events half way across the world can effect individual lives back home.  I wonder if their grandchildren and great grandchildren know about these events in their ancestors young romance?

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