Free Online Access to the 1930 US Census for Hawaii

Free Online Access to the 1930 US Census for Hawaii

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This is a digitization of the 1930 US Federal Census for the state of Hawaii.  It is available at for free.

The digitizations was done by reel number.  They do not have soundex or any other type of index for this census enumeration.

If you know what island your ancestor lived on, you should be able to work through the files to find your person.  The greatest difficulty will come with trying to find a family in Honolulu which spans several files.  If you have access to an index at another source, you can look up names, then find the census sheets at home on your computer.

One nice thing about this collection is that the sheets are presented in two forms.  You can view them online or download them in PDF format.  You can also save individual sheets when viewing the collection online by right clicking your mouse, then clicking on “save image as”.

The files are as follows:

Reel 2631 covering Hawaii EDs 1-1 to 1-10, 145 to 149, 1-11 to 1-15, 1-50 to 1-61, 1-23 to 1-34

Reel 2632 covering Hawaii EDs 1-35 to 1-44, 1-16 to 1-22, 1-62 to 1-71 Honolulu EDs 2-93 to 2-115

Reel 2633 covering Honolulu EDs 2-36 to 2-52, 2-56 to 2-70, 2-72, 2-71, 2-73 to 2-75

Reel 2633 covering Honolulu Eds 2-1 to 2-35

Reel 2636 covering Honolulu EDs 2-76 to 2-92, 2-116 to 2-121,2-124 to 2-136

Reel 2636 covering Honolulu EDs 2-53 to 2-55, 2-122 to 2-123, 2-137 to 2-146 Kauai EDs 4-1 to 4-2, 4-5, 4-4, 4-6, 4-3, 4-7 to 4-9, 4-25, 4-10 to 4-22, 4-24, 4-23

Reel 2637 covering Maui EDs 5-1 to 5-3, 5-5 to 5-7, 5-29 to 5-40, 5-43, 5-41 to 5-42, 5-44 to 5-46 Kalawao ED 3-1 Maui, Lahaina District EDs 5-8 to 5-19, 5-4, 5-20, 5-25, 5-21 to 5-24, 5-26 to 5-28

Having access to the actual census sheets can be useful.  Sometimes an ancestor is missed in an index.  Sometimes an error has been made in the transcription of a name.  It’s never a bad idea to check through the actual sheets if you can’t find your ancestor in census indexes.

I’ll be posting the other census links as well.


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