Friday Free Ebook: Hawaiian Almanac 1887

Friday Free Ebook: Hawaiian Almanac 1887

This week I’ve selected a book that most Hawaiian genealogists should find interesting.  It’s the Hawaiian Almanac and Annual for 1887: on matters relating to the Hawaiian Islands, original and selected, of value to merchants, planters, tourists, and others.  Compiled by Thos. G. Thrum.  1886 : Honolulu Press Publishing Co.

The table of contents includes such items as holidays, census information, school statistics, sugar plantations and mills, and a host of other information.  There is a 4 page chapter titled “Portuguese Immigration to the Hawaiian Islands”.  There is also a section called “Lessons from the 1884 Census”, which I thought was interesting.

You can access the book from Google Books.  From there you can download it to an ereader or other device.  Or, you can read it here:



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2 thoughts on “Friday Free Ebook: Hawaiian Almanac 1887

  1. Thanks for this lead, I have downloaded, can’t wait to read it a bit slower, first fast scan, some things I found interesting.

  2. Carol, there a quite a few gems in the google book archives. I enjoy books like this written in the time period I am researching. They give a more accurate picture of how the people viewed themselves and their surroundings.

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