Reading RSS Feeds on Your Nook

Reading RSS Feeds on Your Nook

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I got my Nook last January and have been in love with it ever since.  It’s a B&W Nook with web access (not like the new B&W reader).

One of the reasons I wanted an ereader besides reading books was to access blogs.  I have several that I read on a daily basis through my RSS Reader, FeedReader.  However, reading on a computer screen drives my eyes batty.  Normally, I’d go through the listings and print out those that looked interesting for later reading.  It used up alot of ink and paper.

Reading blogs on a Nook is not easy.  Often, the blog is too wide for the screen so you have to scroll from side to side.  Too many times, you click on something you didn’t mean to then you have to go back.

I went searching for a utility that might make this easier–and I found it.  Introducing  How does NookFeed work?

1.  You set up an account on the website.

2.  You add RSS Feed links either manually, an OPL file from your RSS feed reader, or you synch it with Google Reader.

3.  Once the feeds are added, you can sort them into folders for easier access.

4.  After all this is done, go to your Nook.  Set up a “favorite” link in the browser by pressing the “star” button.  And you’re done!

What NookFeed does is reformat the blog feeds to the size of the Nook screen.  It also provides back and forth arrows so you can click from post to post.  You can also mark posts for later reading.

You also have all the functionality of the Nook.  If the blogger likes really small print, you can enlarge it.

What I like about NookFeed is that you use it from their website rather than sideloading it to your Nook.  As I understand it, sideloading apps to a B&W Nook can violate the warranty.

This works great for me as I love to read blogs when I eat meals.  I have a book stand that I put on the table.  My Nook fits it perfectly!  I can eat and read.

I don’t know if there are any other RSS utilities for the Nook.  This one works pretty good for me.


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