It’s Our Blog-A-Versary!!!

It’s Our Blog-A-Versary!!!

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The Research Journal is three years old today!  Woo hoo!  Throw the confetti  and let the balloons go! 😀

I originally started this blog as research journals.  I would take a research problem and work them through in each post.  I went flat with this idea after awhile and abandoned the blog.

Several months later, I decided to blog again.   The new Research Journal became a companion to my website,  Though the website focuses specifically on Portuguese Hawaiian genealogy and heritage, the blog has a wider range.  It gave me the ability to branch out and talk about all of my lines rather than one specific area.

And now, three years have come and gone.  The blog has been through it’s ups and downs.  Life interferes at times and makes it difficult to put up posts.  This year I’ve tried to be more diligent and post more consistently.

The blog has evolved over these three years.  In 2009, I started the segment “Wedding Chapel Wednesday”.  I’ve done blog carnivals and played the Genea Blogger games.

This year I begun a new segment “That’s Old News”–with finds from old newspapers.  I’m participating in “52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History”.  Sometimes I participate in daily prompts.  I’m currently concentrating on Surname Saturday.    And, I always try to get in on Randy Seaver’s “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun”.

I hope as I blog more regularly the Research Journal will continue to grow.  And, I am bound and determined that some day this blog will lead me to the ever elusive Jones-Kelly-Dolan cousin.  It’s like finding a leprechaun.

Happy Blog-a-versary Research Journal!!!




4 thoughts on “It’s Our Blog-A-Versary!!!

  1. Happy 3rd! Keep up the good work, I always run right over, but especially if you are writing about Hawaii! I hope you will unearth some great web site that will lead me to find a few MIA’s! LOL


  2. Thanks all for the congratulations!

    Carol, where are you Hawaiian folks from?

    Carol W., you said it! Blogging can be discouraging but if you keep at it you can create something really nice and meet some great people.

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