I’ll Be Away For Two Days

I’ll Be Away For Two Days

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We’re having our central heating replaced and getting a/c installed over the next two days.  My dog is not good with strangers.  So, rather than have her crated or locked in a room for two days, we’re staying at my sister’s house.  May they survived the visit.

Before I left I thought it would be a good idea to heed Dick Eastman’s advice on doing backups.  I have copies of my databases, important documents, and photos on flash drives already.

I wanted to have an offsite copy as well.  I have an account at humyo.com.  But, after backing up numerous files, then learning that free accounts can’t transfer folders back to their computer, I decided against moving anything over there.  I’m still searching for a free account somewhere that will allow me to move my files in folders and move them back the same way if need be.  Doing thousands of photographs and documents one at a time takes more patience than I have.

I did decide to try out skydrive.live.com, Microsoft’s offering.  While it would not let me transfer over folders, I thought it would be a good place to keep an extra copy of my databases.  I seems to handle zip files fairly well.  I think in the future I might try zipping my photo and document folders, then seeing if I can copying them over.

At any rate, the databases, which I saw as all important, are backed up on my flash drives and at SkyDrive.  The workers will be in and out of the computer room.  I’d like to be prepared just in case.

It feels good to have the back ups done.  It really was way overdue.

I may or may not have computer access until Thursday.  So, happy genealogy adventures to all.  I will have a/c by the time the heat wave hits for 4th of July 😉

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