Noble Roots: Getting from Antonio to Goncalo

Noble Roots: Getting from Antonio to Goncalo

In my earlier post, I showed how I connected to Antonio Medeiros Cordeiro.  Antonio is sort of anchor ancestor who connects me to several noble family trees in the Azores and throughout Europe.

One of the well known noble characters in my tree is Goncalo Vaz Botelho, “O Grande”.  He was one of the original settlers on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores chain.  Goncalo was my first connection to European royalty.  His line goes back to Portugal and then spreads throughout Europe hitting a couple of kings and queens along the way.

I was able to work back from myself to Antonio Medeiros Cordeiro and then to Goncalo Vaz Botelho.  Goncalo is my 15th Great Grandfather.   Goncalo’s wife is unknown.

By finding this line in Rodrigo Rodrigues’ work, I was able to fill a whole lot of my pedigree chart!  This ahnentafel chart documents the line from Antonio Medeiros Cordeiro to Goncalo Vaz Botelho, O Grande:

Ahnentafel of Antonio MEDEIROS CORDEIRO – 1 May 2011

First Generation

1.  Antonio MEDEIROS CORDEIRO: born about 1735 in Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island.

Second Generation

2.  Gaspar de MEDEIROS MONIZ: born in Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island; married on 30 Jul 1718 in Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island.

3.  Maria FURTADO: born in Ponta Garca, Sao Miguel Isl..

Third Generation

4.  Manoel CARDOSO PEREIRA: married on 16 Dec 1686 in Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island.

5.  Maria da COSTA.

6.  Joao FURTADO LEITAO: married.

7.  Margarida FURTADO.

Fourth Generation

8.  Gaspar PEREIRA: married.

9.  Maria CARDOSO.

10.  Manoel MONIZ BARBOSA: married on 12 Dec 1654 in Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island.

11.  Maria da COSTA: died in 1676 in Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island.

Fifth Generation

20.  Capitao Jorge CORREIA BARBOSA: married.

21.  Maria VIEIRA DE ALBERNAZ: born in Albernaz, Portugal.

22.  Manoel de COSTA CARVALHO: married.

23.  Isabel JORGE.

Sixth Generation

40.  Heitor BARBOSA DA SILVA: married; died on 22 May 1629 in Sao Miguel Isl., Acores.


Seventh Generation

80.  Pedro BARBOSA DA SILVA: married.

81.  Maria MEDEIROS.

82.  Jorge CORREIA.

83.  Isabel Pacheco da SILVEIRA.

Eighth Generation

160.  Heitor BARBOSA DA SILVA: married.

161.  Guiomar PACHECO.

162.  Alvaro LOPES FURTADO: married.


Ninth Generation

320.  Sebastiao BARBOSA DA SILVA: married.

321.  Isabel NUNES BOTELHO.

324.  Rodrigo ALVARES: married.

325.  Maria de MEDEIROS.

Tenth Generation

640.  Rui LOPES: married on 9 Aug 1511 in Lisboa, Portugal.

641.  Branca GIL DE MIRANDA.

642.  Nuno GONCALVES BOTELHO: born in Sao Miguel Isl., Acores; married on 12 Aug 1517.

643.  Catarina RODRIGUES.

648.  Alvaro LOPES: married.

649.  Mecia AFONSO.

650.  Rui VAZ DE MEDEIROS: married.


Eleventh Generation

1280.  Rui ESTEVES BARBOSA: married.

1281.  Filipa da SILVA.

1283.  Maria or Margarida DIAS: married.

1284.  Goncalo Vaz BOTELHO “O Grande”: born about 1420 in Portugal; married.

1298.  Francisco Anes de PRAIA: married.

1299.  Mecia AFONSO?.

1302.  Jorge de MENDONCA: married. has Goncalo Vaz Botelho’s tree mapped out.  If you’d like to view these lines in pedigree chart form, check out “Goncalo Vaz Botelho O Grande“.

The question remains…why didn’t I get invited to the royal wedding of William and Kate????  Must have been an oversight.


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