SNGF: My Genea Wish List

SNGF: My Genea Wish List

Randy’s Genea-Musings Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge is posted.  This week Randy asks us to come up with our genealogy wish list, whether it be documents, education, or other things we really wish for that would bring our genealogy dreams to fruition.

This is my genealogy dream come true list:

1.  A birth, baptismal, or marriage record would become available for my Great Great Uncle, Antonio Pacheco, that would prove his parentage, place of birth, and date of birth once and for all.

2.   Photographs of: my Great Great Great Grandfather, Martin Kelly, my Great Great Grandmother, Ana Jacintha (de Melo) Pacheco, my Great Great Grandmother, Maria (de Mello) de Braga, my Great Great Grandfather, Harry Kenneth Jackson, my Great Great Aunts Joana (Gonsalves Cardoza) Fernandes, Maria (Nunes da Souza) Pacheco, Francisa (de Mello) Bonita, Alexandria (de Caires) Pacheco, my Great Uncle, John Jackson, my Great Great Aunt and Uncle, Seraphim and Olympia (Medeiros) de Braga, my Great Uncle, Willie Pacheco Smith, and all of my Jones Great Great Aunts and Uncles: Joseph and Josephine (Jones) Pohley, William and Alice (Jones) Bourne, Jack and Gertrude (Jones) Burke, and John and Mathilda (McCullough) Jones.

3.  A probate file for my Great Great Great Grandfather, Martin Kelly.

4.  The marriage and divorce records for my Great Grandparents, Margaret (Jones) and Harry Jackson.

5.  The birth certificate for my Grandfather, Joao “Bohne” Pacheco Smith.

6.  The immigration records for Theodoro and Maria (de Braga) Pacheco from Hawaii to California.

7.  The naturalization file of my Great Great Great Grandfather, John J. Jones.

8.  The marriage record for my Great Great Great Grandparents, Martin Kelly and Catherine Dolan.

9.  Records from the Kilauea Sugar Plantation that provide information on my Pacheco and de Braga relatives who lived and worked there around 1900.

10.  Someone finding a multitude of records once thought to have been destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire that settle many of the questions about my Jones, Kelly, Jackson, and Dolan relatives that I can’t answer otherwise.

And a bonus wish:  Input of all the records on my computer into my database so that when I look something up I know that what I know I have is really there.

In all honesty, I think I would be more than satisfied if any of those photographs showed up.  Many of them were people who were alive when photography was common place.  It saddens me to know that photographs of these people might be sitting off somewhere in someone’s collection.  They may not even know who the people in the photographs are.  And, they could be heading for the garbage because their importance has long been lost.

I guess I better find myself the first star tonight and start working on my wishes!

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