Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Count Your Trees, Part One

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Count Your Trees, Part One

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Randy set out an interesting challenge for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  Use my genealogy software’s tree function to count the trees in my database.

I have three separate databases.  One is for my Dad’s side, one is my Mom’s Father’s side, and another is for my Mom’s Mother’s side (don’t ask…it made sense 10 years ago).   I’ll start with my Mom’s Father’s side as it’s the largest and will be the most impressive 😉

I am using RootsMagic 3.2.2.  I wasn’t sure who I should be centered on, so I highlighted myself.  After a couple attempts, I realized it doesn’t matter who is highlighted.

In my Portuguese database, the root person is Jacintho Pacheco (my Great Great Grandfather).  It has 7,814 individuals.  Under Jacintho Pacheco, there were nine other people each with tree counts of one.

I understood most of them.  They are single people that I believe were left over when I merged individuals.  One person baffles me though.  She is attached to a line, yet she is shown as a separate tree.  I am going to have to figure that one out.

The individual count in this database would be considerably higher if 1) all my ancestors/relatives were in one database and 2) I had input the lines for siblings on my royal lines.

In the next posts, I will do the other databases.  The counts will be considerable lower.

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