Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Count Your Trees, Part Two

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Count Your Trees, Part Two

This is the second post on Randy’s Genea Musings “Count Your Trees” challenge.  This time I’ll use my Jones-Jackson-Kelly-Dolan database and the database for my Dad’s side.  Unlike the Azoreans who multiplied like rabbits, these lines are much shorter and were more painstaking to research.

The root person for this database is Julia Jackson, my Great Aunt.  The individual count for this tree is 696 individuals.  Under Julia, there are 4 other trees.  So, this database has 5 trees total.

As you can see the count is considerably smaller than my Azorean database.  10 times smaller!  Who would have thought that Irish and Welsh research would be so much more difficult than Portuguese?

In the French database (my Dad’s side), Jean Lassalle, my Grandfather, is the root person.  Their are 598 individuals in this tree.  This tree count only comes up with two trees.  Guess I wasn’t making that many mistakes when I started this one 😉

Adding my tree sides together (with an assumed margin of error for duplicate people in each database), my Mom’s side is humongous!  The individual count of the two combined databases is 8, 810!  Meanwhile, my Dad’s whole side of the family is only 598 individuals.  What a disparity!

Bonus Tree Count!  I thought it would be interesting to calculate the tree count for my brother-in-law’s La Grange database.  This tree starts in the early 1600s in New Amsterdam, New York and spreads throughout the United States.

The root person is Johannes de la Grange.  There are 1,799 individuals in this tree.  And, there is only 1 tree in this database!  Woo hoo!

Thanks for the interesting challenge, Randy.  I had never even noticed the tree count before.

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