A Little Bank from the Oakland Bank

A Little Bank from the Oakland Bank

For Treasure Chest Thursday I wanted to share this little bank that belonged to my Dad:


The bank is metal and has a little metal handle.  The bank is silver a green plate around it.  On the back is a little sticker that says “Georgie”.  I’ve never heard my Dad being called that.  Is it possible he got this as a child?

The front says “The Oakland Bank, Oakland, Calif.”  I did a search on that in Google and also in the 1921 City Directory and the 1940 Telephone Directory.  In 1921, I found nothing.  In 1940, there was an entry for Oakland Bank.  But, when you read further it was a branch of Bank of America.

I did find mention in a couple of Google Books entries the “Oakland Bank of Savings”.  A search on Wikipedia shows that the Oakland Bank was also called Oakland Bank of Savings were a part of Bank of America.  The bank opened in 1907.  It was located on 14th and Broadway in Oakland.  My Dad’s family lived at 2105 14th Avenue.  That bank was right in the neighborhood.  Perhaps that’s where this little bank originated from!

There is a number engraved on the front: 27283.  An account number perhaps?

On the bottom of the bank it says “Homesavers, Bankers Utilities Co., San Francisco, CA”.  I am assuming that is the company that manufactured the bank.  I couldn’t find out much about this company at all.  A few Ebay and Google searches did show they made banks for banks nationwide.  I saw mention of a bank from 1923 on an Ebay auction.

Isn’t it funny how we never ask the right questions?  I am sure my Dad could have told me exactly where the Oakland Bank was and why he got the little green bank.

I know my parents married in the mid 1950s and quickly moved out of Oakland.  So, the bank must be from the late 1940s or the early 1950s.  My Dad probably opened an account with the Oakland Bank and received the little bank as a thank you gift.

Though it isn’t much, it’s one of my Dad’s treasures that I took for myself.  I saw it many times over the years. It was always there on my Dad’s nightstand.  It’s one of the few things that instantly bring back memories of him.

Now if I had that darn key, I could find out what is jingling inside!

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