A Belated Blog-a-versary!

A Belated Blog-a-versary!

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Things have been so scattered lately that I let the Research Journal blog-a-versary pass right on by.

Technically this blog was created in January of 2006.  Initially, I ran “research journals”.  Each journal took the reader on a genealogy adventure as a genealogy research problem was worked out.  It was an addition to my Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy and Heritage website, yourislandroutes.com.  By January of 2008, I had worked through 7 different genealogy problems and I had run out of ideas.

On June 5th, 2008, I posted about the change of direction this blog would take.  Since then, I’ve posted quite a bit despite medical problems within my family.  Through my dog’s leg amputation and old age problems and my Dad’s emphysema.  My dog died last July and my Dad very recently, in May.   I’ve kept the blog going as best I can through all of this.

In that time, I’ve joined Genealogy Carnivals, played tag games, participated in the Summer and Winter Genealogy Games.  I’ve had a blast meeting other bloggers through their blogs and people who read this blog through it’s comments.

So, Happy 2nd Blog-a-versary Research Journal!  May I be blogging for many more years!

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