Are Google Search Results Getting Less Relevant?

Are Google Search Results Getting Less Relevant?

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A couple of weeks ago, changed how it’s search engine page looks.   I have noticed that since that changed search results are less accurate.

Am I the only one that has noticed this?  It appears that the search results try harder to suggest what you might be looking for.  However, when I am searching for something, I want something specific.  I don’t want it to come up with all sorts of suggested possibilities by changing the form of my words to plural and past tense.

I understand that sometimes search terms won’t produce the results I require.  However, it seems to be happening more and more.  And, it seems I often do a search 4 or more times, using quotes around single words as well as phrases just to get results that are more relevant.  I never really had to do that with Google.  It was one of the reasons I loved searching on Google so much.  It’s accuracy was unmatched by other search engines.

So, is anyone else having this problem?  Are you finding that you find what you need through Google search less often these days?

2 thoughts on “Are Google Search Results Getting Less Relevant?

  1. I think the amount of information is less. I know it sends you to some other search site. I also know i should delete my cookies more often. I know what I used to find by putting in certain words just no longer brings up info I once used to get hundreds of pages about. I miss mamma search.

  2. Jo, I haven’t noticed that problem. I will have to pay attention more. Google has been my favorite search engine for years. I’m finding less and less the results to be targeted towards my original search or more and more guessing what I might like to see. I get to feel more of those “guesses” are paid results because often they really have nothing to do with what I was looking for. I am a big fan of using quotes around phrases and it regularly strips the quotes from my search results lately.

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