Where They Lived: 2034 and 2038 E. 25th Street

Where They Lived: 2034 and 2038 E. 25th Street

Next in the Where They Lived series: 2034 and 2038 E. 25th Street, Oakland, California. These are the last houses on this side of the street that our relatives lived in.
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2034 E. 25th Street is the brown colored house on the left.  It was built in 1912.  According to my 1912 Sanborn Fire Map, this was the last house on the street at that time.

From about 1910 onward this house was in possession of the Guido and Spirou families. In 1910, Francisco and Margarida (Medeiros) Guido lived here.    In 1932-1934, Francisco’s brother,  Joseph and his wife Alexandrinha were living with them.  Joseph and Alexandrinha were the parents of Manuel Guido who married Sophie Bonita.

Then in 1936, sons George and Frank were living with them.

In 1924, Francisco and Margarida’s sister, Margaret (Guido) and brother-in-law, William Spirou moved in.  They lived there at least until 1944.

The little white house set back is 2038 E. 25th Street.  It was built in 1902 according to zillow (this varies with the Sanborn map–it’s possible houses were renumbered between 1902 and 1912 to accommodate new additions).  The house was remodelled in 1938.

Joseph & Alexandrinha “Louise” (Riggo) Guido lived here in 1930.  Since they were living with Joseph brother, Francisco in 1932, they may have lost the house at the beginning of the depression.  No other family member are known to have lived here.

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2 thoughts on “Where They Lived: 2034 and 2038 E. 25th Street

  1. I can’t believe it took me this long to find this site. I’ve been researching for a very long time the Guido Family who originally lived in my house from 1912 thru the early 40’s. I live at 2034 E. 25th st. I’m very interested in the history. I wish I could find photos of the Guido’s at the house or in the neighborhood at the time. It’s been very difficult to find anything on them other than the info from the Oakland history room: the house was sold to or built for Joseph Guido and his wife in 1912 for 2400.00 and they had two sons….

  2. Todd, the Guido’s were intertwined with my Bonita line. I’ve sent you an email about the family.

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