Where they lived: 1912, 1916, and 1922 E. 25th Street

Where they lived: 1912, 1916, and 1922 E. 25th Street

This begins a series on where my Pacheco de Braga relatives lived when they moved to Oakland, California in the early 1900. The family owned a portion of the very long street and for several decades relatives moved in and out of those houses. This post covers 1912, 1916, and 1922 E. 25th Street.
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The house with the bluish trim on the far left with the fence around it is 1912 E. 25th Street.  So far I’ve got Angelina (Cabral) and Francisco “Frank” Pacheco living in this house in 1925.  This house was built in 1908 according to zillow.com

The white house with the steps leading up to the porch on the left side is 1916 E. 25th Street.  This house was owned by Marie Grace (de Braga) and Manoel Mello Bonita.  They did not live in this house though.  The current house was build in 1925 according to zillow.

I don’t have all the years noted, but I know that in 1930-1936 Antonio and Marie (Cosma) Avelar lived here.  The in 1939-1945 (or so), Joao “Bohne” and Anna (Jackson) Pacheco Smith–my Grandparents lived there.

1922 is the small house that is set back a ways on the right.  I have that in 1910 the house belonged to a Tussey family.  I am not sure if this house is the original house because my Mom remembers this being an open lot when she was a child.

In 1911, a Joao and Maria Pacheco lived here.  I’ve not quite sure who they were, but I am sure they must be related!

In 1915-1916 Manoel and Antonio Pacheco lived here.  I believe this was Manoel & Jacintha (Moniz) Pacheco and Manoel’s brother, Antonio.

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