Meet My New Ancestor, Michael Dolan

Meet My New Ancestor, Michael Dolan

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Finally! At long last I get to add a generation to my Dolan family tree.

I found a possible entry for my ancestor’s brother, Patrick Dolan, in the Massachusetts Vital Records index at The date, 1855, seemed a little late. Patrick would be in his 30s by the time he was married, but the location (Roxbury) and his bride’s name were correct.

The entry turned out to be a match. In the information listed in Patrick Dolan’s marriage to Mary Kelley, was his Father’s name, Michael Dolan. Unfortunately, the spot for his mother’s name was blank. But, hey, at least he has a Father now.

Michael Dolan was probably born around 1790 in Ireland (possibly Cam, County Roscommon where his children were born.) So, far I know that Michael and his unnamed wife had these children: Patrick, Catharine (my ancestor), Bridget, Margaret, and a son whose name in not known.

It has been a painstaking process. While the French and Portuguese lines have been relatively easy to research, the Irish have been like building a brick wall one brick at a time with 5 years in between each layer.

I have had Catharine (Dolan) Kelly’s name for a good 10 years. By researching her siblings, I finally found out her Father’s name. Hopefully, I will come across a document with her Mother’s name listed. But, now I have her Father, my Great Great Great Great Grandfather: Michael Dolan. It gives me chills as I fill his name in on the pedigree chart.

3 thoughts on “Meet My New Ancestor, Michael Dolan

  1. Thanks Carol! This line has been a challenge. It’s nice to finally be able to add another ancestor.

  2. I have a Michael Dolan that was my 4x great grandfather, born about 1790 in Ireland, but that is ALL I know about him. I have pictures of his grave, he’s buried here in my hometown. I also know that his wife was Tamson (she’s buried beside him), and according to the records I have (all from the local cemetery), his children were William, Margaret P., and Orilla P. Do you think this might be the same family?? Check out what I have,

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